Andrea Zanon: – With 25 years of entrepreneurship, operations, sustainability and technology leadership experience, Andrea brings a hands-on practical approach to partnering with Investors, Corporate Boards, Management Teams, Customers and Minister of Finance to create accelerated returns, resilient investment, long-term growth, and market leadership. Andrea Specializes in Resilience, Investment Promotion, Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Technologies. Andrea was the Senior Risk Management Coordinator for the World Bank in the Middle East for 8 years and managed large-scale infrastructure and risk management investments and projects in fragile states. In his capacity at the World Bank, he designed and executed risk management strategies for 13 countries and managed emergency operations in Djibouti, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. Andrea continues to advise the United Nations, sovereign governments and entrepreneurs and investors on clean tech, sustainability, impact investments and green growth. Andrea was granted multiple awards on innovation, women entrepreneurship, and partnership promotion. Andrea is a Science and Foreign Policy Graduate from Georgetown University in Washington DC and has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and Foreign Languages from Bologna University, Italy. Andrea is fluent in Italian, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.