The latest Challenge and Competition ended in September 2020. Whether you’re an investor, a mentor or an entrepreneur, please join our platform if you wish to participate.

If you’re an entrepreneur, our Programs offer two services. First, signing up to the free online training at our platform will improve your chances of getting funding and creating scalable businesses. Second, you can apply to enter the competition for funds that WEC holds subsequently in your country.

When the application to the competition is submitted, it will be reviewed by We Empower Cities and its partners to determine whether the company meets the primary criteria: women ownership and/or leadership, scalability, gender inclusion and impact. The finalists will be mentored by relevant local and international sectoral specialists, preparing them to pitch their projects to investors at the Demo Day. Five to ten businesses will be selected and will receive a blend of advise, capital to grow their businesses, and acceleration.

The latest Competition is about to launch in Colombia. Please, join our platform to participate.

  • Registration to Colombia Challenge:
    Began – April 24, 2019
  • Free Online Training:
    Began – June 5
    Ended –  August 2
  • The Competition:
    Application started – August 7
    Application ended – September 30
  • Finalists announced – November
  • Mentoring of finalists – November – December
  • Demo Day – February 2020
  • Investments/Individual work with the winners – March-September 2020

For more information on the requirements to sign up, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An Opportunity For Everyone

After successfully launching in Panama, and currently in Colombia, WEC is expanding into the rest of Latin America’s entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems. Whether you’re a woman-led or co-led business contestant, investor, donor or ambassador, there’s plenty of incentive to participate in the We Empower Cities challenges.

Contestants will gain access to an education platform and network of experts that will advise on their business models and have ample opportunity to learn other best practices from leading companies. And as contestants increase their business presence within the national, regional or international business community, their connection to individual and institutional investors increases as well.

By participating in the challenges, financiers will not only identify new opportunities for their existing companies in these global networks, but they will also increase their pipeline of prospects and co-investing opportunities with investors that share their investment theses. Donors and ambassadors will similarly benefit, finding that the Challenges present an opportunity to influence the development of evolving and growing companies and to increase their own relevance in the country and region.

Panama Pilot Program
The program’s current format was successfully introduced in Panama in 2018. Providing capacity-building, advisory services, diverse capital sources, and new local and international networks gave the businesses the necessary tools for success. As a result, We Empower Cities: