We Empower is the only program that offers a series of webinars to prepare the entrepreneurs for participation in the challenge. The latest Challenge ended in Colombia in September 2020 with a live streaming DemoDay by our five finalists following an intensive acceleration program with our partner, Rockstart. The webinar program at the beginning of the program, but entrepreneurs who register on our platform still can take advantage of it, as all video session have been posted on the platform.

We are currently in the process of beginning our next accelerator program in Colombia. We invite entrepreneurs to register today and take advantage of these free resources for maximizing the success of their application.

We Empower Cities supports entrepreneurs by accelerating innovative businesses that are looking to grow, while also creating a positive impact.

1. Must be women-owned or led –Preference in applications will be given to businesses where women executives hold equity, and this will also be major component of the competition

2. Scalable/Growth-Oriented – Ability to grow regionally and internationally.

3. Impact on Community – Can mean an impact on your employees and their families, the people receiving your services, or the city/region overall by providing a service for the environment, health, or resilience.

Whether you’re an investor, a mentor or an entrepreneur, please join our platform if you wish to participate.

For more detailed information go to The Competition page.

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