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El Challenge en Colombia: ¡Capacitación – Mentoría - Inversión!
The Colombia Challenge: Training - Mentorship - Investment!
Women in Clean Tech

As we continue to expand our effort to promote women-inclusive companies and decarbonization efforts, every quarter we are going to showcase one of the leading companies we…

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Mentoring and Advisory Services

WEC understands the obstacles that entrepreneurs face when launching a business, especially for the first…

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Building New Networks; Strengthening Ecosystems

WEC has been particularly proud of the establishment of new professional networks for women entrepreneurs…

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WEC supports women entrepreneurs to help them build capacity, solve problems, and scale their enterprises for global expansion. Our platform connects entrepreneurs, investors and mentors, provides access to the training resources, and allows you to sign up for the investment competitions.

If you have already signed up:

How to Participate

The latest Challenge ended in September 2020, but we are launching a new round. Please join our platform if you wish to participate.

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What WEC offers

If you’re an entrepreneur, our Challenges offer two services: Free online training at our platform, and a competition for funds.

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The Colombia Timeline

A new national and regional competition are coming soon!

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WEC in Action

The current competition came to Latin America via Panama in 2018. With our dedicated partners, the WEC platform built or assisted the growth and investment needs of 54 companies, mentored 100 candidates, facilitated potential to create more than 1000 jobs, and identified 850 women co-led businesses. WEC aided entrepreneurs in developing the: business strategy and implementation plans, professional advisory boards, management teams, and fund-raising strategies that are necessary for all successful global ventures.

Watch the video to learn more about WEC’s work in Colombia in fostering leadership, strategic thinking, and growth. We’re just getting started.