We Empower Cities appreciates both the concrete and intangible obstacles facing women entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world – an issue we’re eager to address.

Together with our esteemed partners, like the World Bank, national governments, US investment funds, philanthropists, and so many others, the team at WEC is proud to operate in 11 countries and to have accelerated more than 1,500 women-inclusive businesses since 2011.

We support innovative, community-focused, women problem solvers who seek to make their own positive impact on the environmental, health, social, technological and economic sectors of their cities and regions in order to generate the greatest impact possible.

To accomplish this, the team at WEC leverages its expertise in international business, finance, policy and management to guide women entrepreneurs down the path to success. Our goal for the next five years is to connect more than 5,000 women to the local and global entrepreneurial ecosystems  while providing the necessary capacity building, mentorship, networks, and diverse capital sources to succeed.